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The Hoppiest Place On Earth

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Craft Brew Inspired Experiences

Welcome to the Hop Inn, a craft brew inspired "hoppyness" center. The Hop Inn features the world's first and only Craft Beer Spa. Hop In The Pub, a member's only pub serving the largest selection of Deschutes Brewery Beers* and Hop In The Cup, a craft brew coffee with hop infused coffee beans. Additionally we are a portal to BNB's, travel and other craft brew adventures. 

We invite you to come in and build an experience brewed just for you! 

World Only Craft Brew Spa 

Hop In The Spa is the world's only Craft Beer Spa, brewing all the benefits of craft brew inspired ingredients, minerals, and proprietary additives to your spa experience.

Private Beer & Pretzel Pub

Hop Infused Brews


Hop in the Pub, a member's only pub, is the only private pub which is exclusive to only 2 beer brands -  Deschutes Brewery and Guinness.  The pub is available for private events.

Hop In The Cup is our proprietary blend of the world's best free trade beans. In addition to our special coffee, we power our coffee with

Laird Hamilton Superfoods,