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America's First Zero Waste Coffee Shop

Climate Change Starts Here

Hop In The Cup, a craft brew inspired coffee, brings the freshest bean and the most environmentally conscious cup of coffee to the cup.  We are the greenest coffee shop in the world. 

We use only the best products that focus on fair trade, good quality beans.  We brew one cup at a time to save energy with our proprietary brewing system.

Most importantly, we do not use paper coffee cups. If you do not bring your own reusable cup, we will supply you with one at no charge.  All we ask is that you pledge to use it everywhere you are buying a cup of coffee.


Why No One-Time Use Cups?

Hop in the Cup was brewed in the little town of Sisters, Oregon. Hop in the Cup continues to  reside in Sisters, as it is one of the most beautiful small towns in the world.  So there is not a better place to start a climate of change.  


Consider this:

  • Sisters, OR has a population of just over 1200 people

  • The town has no processing of trash

  • Approximately 28,000 paper coffee cups are used every month

  • Most of those cups end up in trash cans within the Sisters city  limits

Our Hoppy Coffee

We only use real, all-natural ingredients. You’ll never find anything artificial, lab-made, or synthetic in any of our products…EVER! We are proud to offer you the cleanest (and tastiest!) products on the market. Best of all, our ingredients are sustainably grown and responsibly sourced.  

  • Made in Sisters, Oregon

  • All Natural and fair trade

  • No sugar or dairy