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On a late night in October 2015 a severe accident mysteriously brought Mike Boyle and Sally Champa together.  Mike Boyle, after sustaining substantial injuries, was looking for a different kind of therapy.  Sally Champa, a Naturopathic Practitioner, Herbalist and Massage Therapist seemed to be a perfect fit for the therapy Mike Boyle was looking for.  After a few weeks of treatment from Sally, Mike headed off to Europe on a business trip.  There he was introduced to Beer Spas that his clients had visited.  Although Mike was not a beer drinker at the time, he was fascinated by the idea.  Upon returning to the States, Mike and Sally began exploring the value of hops and beer as a unique therapy.  It did not take long for them to understand just how valuable craft brew inspired ingredients could be.  After visiting hop farms, breweries and spas throughout the state, Mike and Sally decided it was time to “Hop In The Spa” business.  After several months of formulating and testing their hop theories, Hop In The Spa was born.  Naturally, a Beer Spa would have to associate itself with one of the finest beers in the world and putting Deschutes Brewery on tap was an easy decision.  Our relationship with Deschutes Brewery and Hop Farms in the Northwest gave us a unique advantage in opening America's First Beer Spa. 


Hop in the Spa offers everything from a 30-minute microwbrew soak , specialty hop treatments and a variety of hop massages using a hand-crafted hop oil made by Sally Champa.  Hops are used in every treatment.  Hops have a variety of medicinal and therapeutic benefits.   Hop In The Spa is the only spa to introduce Hop HydroTherapy.

​For now, all services are rendered on location, but in the future, the company plans to expand into products. First up is the company's "Bath Brews" that are sold individually in 8 ounce jars.  Expect other products from our Hop In The Spa products such as beer bubble bath, beer body wash, beer shampoo and conditioner as well as hop lip balm and hop body lotion.  Expansion plans include a beer garden (Hop In The Garden) and Hop in the Cup (hop-infused coffee) down the pipeline.

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