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Craft Brew Inspired Soaks


Hop InThe Spa Microbrew Soaks use a combination of hops, herbs, minerals and other proprietary ingredients.  These ingredients along with variable water temperatures provide the Hop HydroTherapy experience that only our customers enjoy.  This experience is unique at Hop In The Spa as it was designed to provide a relaxing therapeutic treatment unlike any other in the world.


Imagine being engulfed in this Hop Therapy while resting in beautiful solid cedar soak tubs surrounded in a beautiful environment of sights and sounds.  Music of your choice, a delicious fresh baked Bavarian pretzel and naturally… These ingredients make for a craft brew inspired experience like no other.


Whether it is a romantic getaway, friends sharing a relaxing experience, or mom and dad enjoying a relaxing getaway with friends or family, a microbrew soak leaves a memorable and relaxing impression that you will never forget.  Makes a great gift as well.


Our three Microbrew Soaks all use hop hydrotherapy.  Our hop therapy experts can help you decide on what is best for your individual treatment.

Mirror Pond MicroBrew Soak

Relax and Renew with this soak that will refresh and restore your body and mind.  

  • 30-minute Hop HydroTherapy

  • 99-101 degrees water temperature

  • Specially brewed hops & minerals

  • A fresh baked Bavarian pretzel with a specialty beer mustard


$159 couple

$79 single


Black Butte Porter MicroBrew Soak

Relaxes your body and mind and rids your body of anything that ails you.

  • 40-minute Hop HydroTherapy

  • 100-102 degrees water temperature

  • Enhanced brewed hops & minerals

  • A fresh baked Bavarian pretzel with a specialty beer mustard


$179 couple

$99 single

Black Butte Barrel Aged MicroBrew Soak


The most therapeutic soak in our Hop HydroTherapy services.  

  • 50-minute Hop HydroTherapy

  • 102-103 degrees water temperature

  • Enriched blend of hops, herbs and minerals

  • Two fresh baked Bavarian pretzels with specialty beer mustard


$229.00 couple



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